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India Photos


We began working in India in 1976. We have numerous churches in India, an orphanage, and a flourishing Bible College. “Life Bible College” is now an accredited 4-year degree college, the pride of this ministry! It was pioneered in 1980 with only a little “tuk-tuk” (golf cart) taxi to help fund it! Most of our churches are in very rural settings, including areas that have been under severe persecution for their faith.

The memories we have shared...

Malawi Photos


The work in Malawi began in 1993.  There are so many churches here we can’t keep track of them!  Every time we go back there new churches have formed in houses, under trees, and everywhere.  The churches multiply due to a lack of transportation for the people to get to the churches so they form one of their own in each village.  Malawi is a hungry church, both spiritually and physically so whenever we go into this country we try to take Bibles and/or grain to them.  We desperately need a full-time missionary in Malawi.  When I asked them what they need the most, they said; “Please send us a missionary to live with us and teach us God’s Word!”  This is unusual because most of the countries start listing all of their physical needs, but our people in Malawi are really hungry for the Gospel first and foremost. We are currently developing a Headquarters property at Nchalo where ministry and practical development will take place. This property currently serves as a place of worship, an early learning center, and Bible Training Center.



Our Mauritius work was pioneered by our founder Jack Lockwood in 1975 when he boarded an airplane and went to the Island without knowing a single person nor the language!  God miraculously led him to Reckraj Rajasur whom we trained and sent out to help us spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Reckraj is still the President of our congregations on the Island.  Many of them meet in homes, garages, and businesses because the strict Catholic government doesn’t like to grant Protestant churches land.  Mauritius is one of the most beautiful countries we work in, with gorgeous beaches, rolling hills, and sugar cane fields!